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About President's College - Minuwangoda

President's College - Minuwangoda (formerly known as Japalawaththa Central College) was founded on 09th February 1979 by the late Hon. Bennet Gunasekara, Member of Parliament. The founder Principal was Mr. R.L.P.P. Rajapakshe who led the school to be one of the most reputed and leading government schools in the Island.

The college was upgraded as 1A mixed school on 1st September 1979.

Admission Policy

In President’s College there are classes from Grade 6-13 and usually intake 180 pupils to Grade 6. To be able to seek admission to President’s college, a student should sit for Grade 5 National Scholarship Exam conducted by the Department of Education of Sri Lanka and should score the cut-off mark level or above. The College has very strict admission policy which allows only pupils who score higher marks at the National Scholarship Exam to enter Grade 6. Currently there are about 1900 pupils studying at the school.

Academic Excellence

The college is proud to maintain an extremely high O/L and A/L results since 1983 upto date. The school has been recognized by the provincial Department of Education and Ministry of Education as an outstanding School in terms of academic excellence and in particular O/L and A/L results.

Key Highlights of Academic Excellence of President’s College

- President’s College is placed at TOP BEST 50 Schools out of 9500 Schools in Sri Lanka for excellent O/L results ( This is continued for each academic year) - President’s College is the No 1 School in Western Province of Sri Lanka for Best O/L results ( This is a continued Achievement )
- About 90 to 100 students of President’s College enter onto Sri Lankan State universities each year which is an outstanding feature.

Co-curricular activities

All the students of the college are academically ambitious. President’s College offers boys and girls an extensive range of co-curricular activities, non-sporting as well as sporting. All the girls and yhe boys are participate in any of these activities.

School Anthem

PCM Flag
සිරි ලකගන පැළදුව රන් තැල්ලේ
ඔබත් සුරත් මිණි කැටයකි දිදුළන
සැරදේ සැරදේ ජනපති විදුහල් මෑණි සිරින් සැමදා//

කලාව විදු සාහිත දම් සිප්වර
ලබනෙමු සිරස නමා ගුණ සිහිකර
අපි වන්නෙමු එක හුය බැදී මුතුහර
වොරදෙමු ඔබේ රූ මනාව හැඩකර

දැය සනසන යහ ගුණ පිරි තරුවන්
නිජ බිම සිරිතට සිත බැදී සදවන්
අභිමන් වඩනා හෙළබර හිරුවන්
එබදුය නිබදව ඔබ වැඩු දරුවන්

දෙගුරුන් නැමදා ගුරුසිත නොබිදා
මෙත් සිත් පහදා බැති පෙම් උපදා
ඔබ කිතු සැමදා රකිමින සැමදා
මිනිසෙකු වෙමි මම ඔබ සෙවණේ

Past Principals

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