Go Forward With Dignity

Our Societies

Red Cross Society

Red Cross society is a special society in the school. The teachers incharge are Mrs.P.D.A.G.I.Saparamadu and Mrs.L. Chandima. Aims and objectives of this society are to produce a leader in community service, to create a leader who loves the nature and lend his hand to protect the nature, to create a special person who fulfills his responsibilities and accountability, to inculcate and develop attitudes to be sensitive in the society.

Environmental Brigades

Environmental Brigades society is established on 01.01.2013. Mrs.Priyadarshani and Mrs.L.H.N.Lasanthi Nelumdeniya are the teachers in charge. There are two groups in Environmental Brigades. The leaders of group 1 are I.G.I.Udayanga and W.A.P.Adithya Saranga. G.P.Shamodi and W.P.Hansajith are the leaders of group 2.The aims and objectives of ours are protecting school environment,making a better place for studying,planting plants and making shaded areas with plant shelters. Conducting a medical garden,making shaded areas around the play ground with plant shelters and planting trees on the either sides of the path are the special activities which done by Environmental brigades. Making polythene free environment in the school is another special activity of this society.

Aeronautical Society

This society is established on 2005 n our school. Mr.Wijithe Palamkumbura ,Mrs.Priyanthi Kumuduni and Mr.M.A.P.W.Madurasinghe are the teachers in charge. The main aim of this society is guiding towards the employment opportunities which are available in Ariation and allied field in the global villages.
The main objective of this society is creating awareness among school children about Aeronautical Science. These are our special activities. We are helping to build Radio control Air crafts and to meet professionals and also we are helping for practicals about air crafts. Those are our other activities.

Cadet Corps