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Principal: Mrs. K K Jayasekara

K K Jayasekara

Message from the Principal

President's College is a unique school which only grade 5 scholrship holders are taken in. Presentely it is recognized as one of the bbest schools which maintains 100% pass rate at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination.

In today's complex society though many students are addicted to various types of bad habbits, the students of this college maintain good discipline without engaging in any of those matters. They enjoy their childhood with good attitudes and behaving as children respecting others maintaining their own dignity. I highly appreciate this.

Dear past pupils who serve in different parts of the world holding various types of positions, let's join together to protect the school and develop it.

Vice Principal

Upali Rathnasiri
Mrs. Chandrika Jayakodi

Vice Principal (Co-curricular activities)

Assistant Principal

Mr. P.C. Perera

Assistant Principal (Educational Development)

Assistant Principal

Mr. P.D.N.S. Nilangarathne

Assistant Principal (Educatiuonal Administration)

Assistant Principal

Mrs. L.H.N. Lasanthi

Assistant Principal (Dengue Eradication)

Assistant Principal

Mrs. M.A.P. De. Silva

Assistant Principal (6/7/8/9 Sectional Head)